Strawberry Mondays on a Sunday: The Haunted Meme

I had this idea as soon as I read Nath Pevensey’s blog post about the meme, and went “Oh graphics card why must you betray me!” So I asked Nath if we could make time for him to be my terror victim and borrowed his photography skills…again. I had, you see, just obtained this mask off of the marketplace. It was free and something about the mask spoke to me of nightmares and terror. Now, my First Life revolves around those given what my job is (not an ax murderer! A writer!). The mask had stories for me, well beyond what the creator envisioned. It reminded me of the things in the night, that haunt you. That creep for you. The shadow out of the corner of your eye. The crawling sensation up your spine. The little fear that makes you rush to bed lest the monsters underneath it grab for your ankles. (This is why my bed has no underneath area, waterbeds for the win!)

Meme Instructions: What are you afraid of? What are you haunted by? Share some of your fears and if you can, create an image depicting one of them. Don’t forget to leave your link in the comments!

I am afraid of a few things, mostly things beyond my control. Nothing is more out of my control than the darkness. Ever since I was a small child I was afraid not of the dark itself but what lurks there. If you cannot see you are vulnerable. The man in the night can steal you way. You can hear him breathing… or is it just your dog? So you curl up under the covers, knowing very well that this is no real shield but what can you do about it? You may pray if you have gods that you think will hear your pitiful cries, but you try to not breathe, waiting for the night to pass.

At times you may think you see what is in the dark. The doll’s head turns slightly, the cat’s eyes catch a reflection from…where? The night closes in around you like an inky black cloak and you know that no matter how close to the wall your bed is the monsters are still there, behind you. Who are they? Their masks gleam and their eyes shine… and if you look and see them you may never wake again. It is the night and it’s cruel beauty that keeps your toes curled up close against you. You want to run and turn on the lights but… even then the night is still there in the shadows, waiting for you to let your guard down…

Nath is having a bad dream!

Nath is having a bad dream!


Even so… if you cry the dark does not ease. Only sunrise brings peace, and what if the sun never rises? That is what haunts me. The Eternal Night,  the cloak of shadows hiding all manner of dangers.

Style Cards:


Dinojammies: Not available in World (was a Steam gift.)
Shape: His
Skin: Logo “Eternal Tristan – bk shaved bald”
Hair: Wasabi Pills “Dylan – Night Shadow” (Hair Fair exclusive)

Nightmare (only listing visible things):

Shape: My own creation
Cloak: [1A] cloaks- Assassin Series Black
Mask: Krux- Mask of Tharna
Bijou&T Gasp Mask in Black
Pose: Animare