Hair Fair!

I should do another post, like the one on changing your hands via Mesh attachments akin to the SLink I keep promising but as this is my third blog post I think a bit of goofiness is totally allowed right? (The answer is yes, people who can talk back to me only once I publish this post.) I was lucky enough to get to take part in Hair Fair designing some of the Bandanas for Bandana Day. My computer is on the breach of a cataclysmic collapse and yet the art still flowed. I feel like building again, so now First Life just has to behave so that can happen. All thanks to the fun of Sasy Scarborough and Hair Fair. 

The Bandana’s are now at the Bandana Kiosk and while I was there I did not actually price them but mostly squeed and ran about going “Ooh that hair is so pretty!” It is always a good thing when the hair fair rolls into town. I actually collect hair. I love unusual hairs the best, though the standard you can wear it anywhere hairs also are a good thing. In my inventory one of the most full folders? Hair. It is now sorted by style then sub-sorted by creator just so I can find what I am looking for.  I suppose I should add a tutorial on inventory maintenance in here sometime, but that requires letting a little disorganization occur so you can behold the before and after right? I will…take the plunge for you.  I may fall in to my inventory and never return from the efforts, but that is a risk I am willing to take.

The Bandana are donations made by individuals or store owners (also often individuals) who have chosen to donate their product to give 100 percent of proceeds to Wigs for Kids which helps kids with medical issues who have lost their hair to feel good and get a wig. When I was able to wear long hair I would grow my hair out for Locks of Love, another similar charity.  In my fun with creation I ran into a problem, the leaning tower of aged computer no longer can handle taking a decent picture in SL. There was a loud crackle from the tower, a pop, then everything went black. I had to reboot, and then I went to my dear friend Nath from What Fresh SL is This and asked for help. He kindly modeled for the ads and took the photos emailing them to me so that I could send them off.

So it was that last night I ran about the wonderful legoland that Hair Fair is this year. Between the wonderful freebies and amazing new releases I was in hair heaven. Due to the explody noises from the tower you will have to settle for the ads for the bandana but there is a hair is made to look like a dragon and has an option so it can…breathe FIRE. Wasabi Pillz has a fancy new man hair that is quite the bees knees. There is something for every taste this year.

Hair Fair 2013 - BP Davie Hair Fair 2013 - BP Hope Hair Fair 2013 - BP RosieHair Fair 2013 - BP Thea

The slash, a red and gray Bandana with a tiny replica of Slash's famous top hat on it

Hair Fair 2013 Bandanas!

There is no style card for these, Nath has a blog where you can find the name of the skin,  and he is JUST in those Bandana. Naughty right?

Scroll up or click here to go to the hairfair site, pick your favorite store and get started! The sim is likely to be laggy so try to wear a full body alpha or something along that line and no scripts. It just opened last night so around 2am SLT or waiting a week should help with the “Sim is full” problem. Good luck! Fabulous Hair! Great Second Life!